Announcing The Canfield Pavilion Project

Posted June 17th, 2020


The Canfield Pavilion will provide a safe, vibrant, and accessible greenspace for the East Canfield Village neighborhood through beautification of existing vacant land.

This project will improve the East Canfield neighborhood by transforming three abandoned lots into a green, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing space with easy access for residents, pedestrians and students by creating a pedestrian plaza designed for residents to come together, engage and be active.   Pavilion amenities will include a seating area, a horseshoe pit and space for activities and food trucks.  Trees, shrubs and flowers will be planted to add greenery to the space.   Decorative pavers will be installed with the goal of hosting community events year-round.

Canfield Consortium is working with Detroit Collaborative Design Center to introduce an upgrade to the existing street environment.

Residents of East Canfield Village agree that spaces for social interaction are needed in the neighborhood.  The Canfield Pavilion will provide and outdoor recreational space to gather and socialize resulting in residents feeling connected to their community and their neighbors.  Canfield Pavilion will serve as a resting and meeting place and will help with efforts to strengthen a legacy community.