Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Announces It Will Invest $1.6 billion Into the Mack Avenue Engine Complex

Posted March 3rd, 2019


FCA’s investment in the Mack Avenue Engine Complex will have a direct impact on the East Canfield community.  The investment will generate much needed development and growth for the area.

Canfield Consortium’s Board Member, Rhonda Theus, was featured in The Detroit News 3/1/2019 article discussing the Fiat Chrysler expansion and $1.6 billion investment to convert the two plants that form the Mack Avenue Engine Complex.

Rhonda Theus, who grew up in the neighborhood and returned several years ago to live in her family home, welcomed the chance to offer feedback. She remembers when the area thrived, and has since launched a community group that has received grants for beautification projects.

“We really need to have a better quality of life,” she said, adding that Duggan’s outreach is “really good because we have a say in what’s going to happen with our neighborhood. Now we’ll be able to have a voice.”