How to Contact DTE Energy to Request Tree Trimming

Posted July 22nd, 2020


Severe storms moved through metro Detroit on Sunday, July 19 bringing heavy rainfall and gusty winds. Many residents in East Canfield Village were left without power from 2:45pm on the 19th until early evening on July 20th.

The power outages in East Canfield Village and surrounding areas were caused by wind and damage from trees. DTE crewmembers were sent out to restore power. DTE’s crewmembers worked hard and spoke with residents while on site, providing helpful information.

East Canfield Village must come together as a community to ensure that our basic needs are not overlooked. Communities that complain about issues or work in silos remain divided and neglected. In order for DTE to address the crucial need of overgrown tree limbs that interfere with powerlines, we must begin to work as a unified community so our needs cannot be ignored.

The corporate offices at DTE is responsible for the approval of trees trimming, a commonsense solution to prevent outages in the first place. Please join Canfield Consortium in writing a letter to DTE to demand that they the overgrown trees in East Canfield Village be trimmed. Send an email to to be included in the request letter AND complete a DTE tree trimming request form.