Canfield Consortium Unveils Sculpture “Boys Holds Flower”

Canfield Consortium worked with Asia Hamilton, owner of Norwest Gallery to help find an artist for an art installation inside the East Canfield Pavilion they were planning.

Ms. Hamilton conducted an open call for artists, Austen Brantley was selected from dozens of submission.

Austin is a native Detroiter whose piece, Viola Liuzza, sits in Viola Liuzza Park and honors the memory of the civil rights activist.

Austin’s work stands out because it reflects the humanity of Black people. Oftentimes, Black people don’t see themselves in art. Art in urban communities’ honors people who’ve helped champion a cause, or it remembers Black people who have been slain. Canfield Consortium sees this sculpture in the Pavilion as a way for residents to celebrate their beauty and humanity in art.

The sculpture is located in the East Canfield Village neighborhood on Detroit’s east side at 4405 Lemay.

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