Coming Soon: East Canfield Community Resiliency Hub

Renovations have begun on the house that will become the future home of the East Canfield Community Resiliency Hub!

Canfield Consortium intends to create a micro community center/resiliency center. It will serve the needs of the residents in the community by providing a safe, stimulating and fun environment where all can learn, create, socialize and be heard thereby enriching the lives of community members.

Activities we would like to include would be a Learning Lab, Book club, Study Room, College Prep Courses, Financial Literacy, Career Advancement, Mentoring and Community Service Opportunities.

The youth focused portion will provide out-of-school time programming, expanded learning opportunities and age-appropriate games.

The adult portion of the community center will focus on community interaction and fun activities for adults including a pool table, chess boards, board games, fitness activities and media room.

Our goals are to create an environment which supports residents of the neighborhood and builds a healthy, connected community.

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