Coming Soon: East Canfield Village Art Park Expansion

Canfield Consortium is using the influence and power of Detroit artists to enhance the East Canfield Village neighborhood and to highlight local culture through collaboration.  The East Canfield Art Display supports the organization’s mission of improving residents’ quality of life by enriching the community landscape and experience {and by establishing places to visit in our own neighborhood}.   These endeavors help broaden the art, historical, and cultural context of the East Canfield Village community.  Canfield Consortium works closely with community partners to provide free and engaging programming and community spaces.

The East Canfield Art Display is the latest addition to the East Canfield Art Park which opened in August 2021.  The East Canfield Art Display will feature work from artists in bi-monthly cycles and will officially launch in September 2022

Managed by Canfield Consortium, The East Canfield Art Display was designed by Nivek Monet to serve as a community exhibition piece. 

The East Canfield Art Display is free and open to the public.

The East Canfield Art Park supports local artists and artwork, with the mission of connecting local artist to community through ongoing exhibitions, commissions, and public outreach.

Representation matters a great deal in Black neighborhoods. It is vital for Black underrepresented communities to see images of ourselves and our history in our community. It allows us to maintain and share our own stories.

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