Community Spotlight

Marlena is working with Canfield Consortium to address and find practical solutions for critical issues facing East Canfield Village and other neighborhoods throughout Detroit.

Marlena has a strong interest in community development and her work this summer will analyze how economic, ecological, political and cultural forces influence the health of communities including services and how funds are allocated to address the issues residents face.

Marlena was looking for an opportunity to apply what she is learning in the classroom to real world situations. A visit to the East Canfield Community Flower Garden and a conversation with the Co-Founders of Canfield Consortium led to the discussion on how Marlena could work with the organization.

"Marlena volunteered at a community clean-up even in April and her work and enthusiasm stood out", says Kim Theus of Canfield Consortium. "Not only did she volunteer but she brought friends along with her to help. Marlena took a leadership role at the event and asked questions about the other projects we are working on."

Marlena is exploring the intersection of community planning and community health. We are excited she is working with us the summer.

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