East Canfield Community Mural

Community murals are a mode of expression for artists. Most recently, murals have become community centerpieces that bring people together to celebrate the heritage and history of their neighborhood.

Celebrating community and the strength of the East Canfield Village neighborhood was the goal of the collaboration between Canfield Consortium and Cameron Jenkins.

When working to activate alleys in the East Canfield Village neighborhood, Canfield Consortium wanted to transform the entrance of the alley at Canfield and French Road and add vibrancy. Through an artist open call, Cameron delivered a vision of community, endurance and vitality. The mural has helped residents reclaim the stories of their public spaces, promotes civic pride, and create intentional visions of what the future could hold.

Cameron had just completed the mural project for the Meijer Rivertown Market when he learned of the East Canfield Village project. After talking with Canfield Consortium and visiting the neighborhood, he was inspired and set out create the mural during a break before his next project.

Canfield Consortium is receiving positive feedback about the mural and has hosted two events to highlight the community asset. The first event was a "Rally in the Alley" for District 4 Council Member candidate Latisha Johnson who spoke about her grassroots origins and how she planned to work with community groups to make sure their voices were heard.

Canfield Consortium will continue to have events where the community mural is the backdrop.

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